1.  Our Adoration Chapel is now open 24/7. Please use your electronic card to enter. Cards are available for purchase at the Rectory during                 regular hours.

  2.  Please stop by the St. Michael’s room if you need assistance with the Tax Credit Scholarship Program enrollment.   This program will                        provide needed scholarship funds for our school and you the giver also benefits by receiving a 75% state tax credit.   Thank you for your                support of our school and parish.   God Bless you 


  3.  Please help our parish by purchasing White Raven Raffle Tickets for $10 each. Prizes are $1000, $500 and three $100. Ticket are                               available at the entrance of the church and the rectory during normal hours. Please support the raffle which helps our budget. More                       information in the bulletin.

  4.  This weekend the Giving Tree at the back of church has tags for The Women's Centers of Greater Chicagoland which benefits pregnant                    mothers and their children.  Please take a tag and return by Sunday, December 12th to church or Rectory. Thank you for your support of              needy families.​


  5.  If you would like to purchase Blessed Opłatek stop by the back of the Church or visit rectory during the week.

  6.  On Wednesday, December 8th we celebrate The Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is a Holy Day of                         Obligation. Masses will be at 8:30am in English with school, 6:00pm in English-Spanish and 7:30pm in Polish.

  7.  Next weekend there will be second collection for Retirement Fund for Religious.

  8. Please save the date of January 9th, 2022 for our annual Oplatek Mass starting at 1:30pm followed by Dinner, Christmas Carols and                        Fellowship.  Tickets are available in the back of the church and at the Rectory during regular hours.

  9. Book of Mass Intentions is open for 2022. Stop by the Rectory or pick up a form at church and have a mass said for a loved one.

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