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The Religious Education Program is designed for children from 1st grade through 8th grade. The program is an essential responsibility for our parish to help children learn and grow in faith formation and to fulfill the Baptismal promise made when your child was baptized to raise your child in the Catholic faith.  The Spirit of God gathers us together when we attend religious education and teaches, nourishes and strengthens us to be good followers of Jesus.


Religious education is an ongoing program that follows a child through their elementary school years and not for a child only in need of receiving a sacrament. Children are required to have two years of religious education before receiving a sacrament. Our program begins on Sunday, September 17th 2023 and continues through Sunday, May 25th, 2024  (9:50AM-12:00PM). We meet every Sunday at St. William School and attend the 12:00pm Mass after our classes.


Please complete the required application with a copy of your baptismal certificate and bring it with you to Religious Education Office or to the Parish Office located in the Rectory. A $50.00 non-refundable administrative and book fee along with a copy of your baptismal certificate is required at registration. See the payment schedule for the required amount to register your child(ren). 


I look forward to accompanying you on this journey.

Please feel free to contact me.


Mrs. Dorota Archacki

Coordinator of Faith Formation

312-647-5822           773-637-6565 ext. 102 


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