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Sacramental Life

Sacramental Life

Sacrament of reconciliation is offered every Saturday from 3:30 pm to 4:15 pm. 
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Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life

Adoration of the Blessed Scrament takes place every Thursday starting after the 8:15am Mass until 4:00pm.
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See official terms and conditions of Saint Wiliam Parish Car Raffle.
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Archdiocese of Chicago Ministerial Evaluation Survey For Fr. Jarek 

According to Archdiocesan policies lay leadership and parishioners are to be given the opportunity to recognize Fr. Jarek Maciejewski’s gifts and to share their sentiments about his ministry. Thus, we are providing a parish-wide survey as part of his review process. The survey can be easily accessed by going to the Archdiocese’s web page (https://www.archchicago.org/) and clicking on Offices and Ministries, located on the top panel. This will bring you to an alphabetical listing of offices. Under ‘M’, select Ministerial Evaluation. You will then be directed to the Ministerial Evaluation webpage. In the middle of the page, you will find “360 Catholic Leadership review for priests”.  Please click on the word ‘Link’ next to your appropriate language to access the survey. The survey is available in English, Spanish, and Polish.

Święta Rita: poznaj niezwykłą świętą

Święta Rita była żoną, wdową (zamordowano jej męża), matką (straciła dwóch synów), osobą samotną, w końcu – zakonnicą. Jak nikt poznała wszystkie problemy trapiące ludzi, a zwłaszcza te, które dotykają rodzin. Dlatego od czasu wyniesienia do chwały świętych cieszy się wielką popularnością jako patronka rodzin, spraw trudnych, beznadziejnych, patronka małżeństw, które przeżywają różnego rodzaju problemy.Serdecznie zapraszamy wszystkich czcicieli Świętej Rity i nie tylko, zapraszamy całą Polonie na specjalną msze świętą i nabożeństwo przez Jej wstawiennictwo 20 pażdziernika, 2018 roku o godz. 7:00 wieczorem do parafii Świętego Williama.


‘’To teach who Christ is"

Campaign is still on-going and we need everyone’s help in achieving it. If you have pledged already - THANK YOU -  we are most grateful and thankful for your generosity. For those who have not please prayerfully consider a pledge of any amount. Pledge cards can be found at the entrances of church and rectory.

GOAL -  $ 500.000

PLEDGE - $ 394.085

PERCENT - 78.9 %

Grazie - Dziękuję - Thank you - Gracia


Renew My Church: Elmwood Park Grouping Update - January 2018                   

The Renew My Church Elmwood Park grouping includes St. Celestine Parish and School (Elmwood Park), St. Cyprian Parish and School (River Grove) and St. William Parish and School (Chicago).

Discernment Process

The Elmwood Park grouping began the Renew My Church review and discernment process in fall 2017. The Grouping Feedback and Discernment Team, which was made up of representatives from each of the parishes, met to review and discern the future church, parish and school structures for the Elmwood Park area. Based on their meetings and discussions with the larger parish community, they submitted a report for the Archdiocesan Standards and Recommendations Commission, which included representatives from across the Archdiocese.

The Archdiocesan Commission met to review the feedback report and other materials and information, including demographic data, financial summaries, and parish and grouping trends.


Cardinal Blase J. Cupich, Archbishop of Chicago, and the Archdiocese’s Presbyteral Council met, and based on the Archdiocesan Commission’s recommendation and other considerations, the Cardinal made a final decision regarding the grouping’s structure.

St. Celestine and St. Cyprian Parishes will unite to form a new parish, effective July 1, 2018, retaining both churches as active worship sites of the new parish. St. William Parish will continue in its current parish structure, with a full-time resident pastor.

St. Celestine School will continue, now as a ministry of the newly united parish. St. William School will continue as a ministry of St. William Parish, with annual enrollment and financial benchmarks established to ensure sustainability into the future.

St. Cyprian School has faced low enrollment in recent years, which has caused a strain on the school’s finances. With less tuition revenue, the school is not able to cover its costs and has incurred an operating deficit. In fall 2017, the Archdiocese and St. Cyprian parish and school leadership established that the school, by January 15, 2018, needed to secure 128 registered students for next school year (2018/19) and secure $500,000 cash to cover operating costs for this school year (2017/18) and next school year (2018/19). Despite best efforts, the enrollment and financial targets fell short with 101 students registered for next school year and $85,000 raised. As part of the Renew My Church review and discernment process, the Archdiocese engaged with the Elmwood Park grouping, which includes St. Cyprian School, regarding the enrollment and financial struggles at the school. As a result of enrollment and financial targets not being met, coupled with community discussions regarding the lack of long-term viability of the school, St. Cyprian School will close at the end of this school year, effective June 30, 2018.

Next Steps

Through the new parish structure, St. Celestine and St. Cyprian Parishes will unite their resources to create a vital, life-giving parish with two worship sites and a strong school. With this viable structure in place, the new parish, in collaboration with St. William, will work on new ways to implement the Renew My Church vision: to make disciples, build communities and inspire witness.

Over the next few months, the Archdiocese will work with all involved to ensure an orderly and smooth transition to the new structure. The Archdiocese’s Priest Placement Board will work with the community to identify a pastor to lead the new parish formed by St. Celestine and St. Cyprian.

The Archdiocese will work with St. Cyprian School faculty and staff to find future employment within the Archdiocesan system. In order to assist school families in this transition, the Archdiocese will work closely with near-by Catholic schools to assist them with the transition to their next Catholic school.

Fr. John Boshabora


​ ​                                                    Fr. John Boshabora - Healing Mass - 5432 

Below is the YouTube link to the healing Mass with Fr. John Boshabora at St. William on 10.6.2017.   

Part 1  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjmsCCrnUkM​

Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEGicQYsi-M


Our Schools

Saint William School

We invite children and their parents to consider our parish elementary school. We offer educational programs for pre-school through eighth grade students. At St. William School, we believe we are entrusted with the mission of Catholic education, which is to recognize students in their relationship with God, self, and others. Learn more by visiting our website at   https://www.stwilliamschool.org/  or call us at 773-637-5130.

Saint Brother Albert's Polish School

The Polish Language School at Saint Williams Parish opened its doors in September of 2013. Our school offers classes every Saturday from 10:00am to 1:30pm. We teach the Polish language, history of Poland, as well as its geography. The school also provides religion lessons which prepare our students to receive the sacrament of Holy Communion and the sacrament of Confirmation. To make the day more enjoyable we also offer singing lessons and music lessons.

Learn more about our Saint Brother Albert's Polish School at www.SzkolaBrataAlberta.org